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Anyone using Mermaid?

Hey there, I'm just going to throw in a speculative. I've been tinkering with Typora's mermaid support recently and found it pretty nifty https://mermaidjs.github.io/. At the moment I am finishing a short book on narcocapitalism and was thinking that the argumental flow could be easily mapped into a few simple diagrams (to aid me in recognising the conceptual shifts and moves). Would it be an overkill to have this in the Archive?

Note that I'm not requesting a feature, only discussing if this could be useful. It is worth to say that mermaid is pretty limited, but I like the possibility of not having to use complex imaging software to generate simple diagrams.


  • Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll put this on the list of features we have to discuss since this is totally new territory for the app. That being said, I wrote about nvALT & Mermaid a while ago: https://zettelkasten.de/posts/nvalt-graph-mermaid-js/

    This only works in the preview of nvALT; I think with a decent preprocessor setting, you can teach Marked to render the graph during preview, too, and use that from The Archive for now.

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  • Should've looked in the blog before! That's a pretty exhaustive and interesting post.

    In my case I'm good enough with previewing in Typora. I like the sharp simplicity of The Archive. Can't think of this being an essential feature...

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