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Constant Accidental Note Creation


I Cmd-L into the Omnibar, type some text...then I hit Enter.

I do this all the time, so I am constantly accidentally creating new notes named after the search term I just typed into the Omnibar. So I type Cmd-L, Cmd-Delete after each unwanted note.

Am I the only one who does this? Can someone suggest what I can change in my typing process? I am trying to train myself to type Down Arrow after the text.

Thank you,


  • Aha, that sounds like you’re trained to hit enter, like in the browser, to confirm you want the app to perform the search, right?

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  • Yes. Just many years of hitting enter after typing text, even outside of the browser. If there's nothing I can do except change my habits, maybe an option to turn off Enter (and instead use Shift-Enter or something else) for creating new Zettels.

    thank you

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