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How to Save a Search


Sorry for the silly question, but I can't figure out how to save a search (to the quickbar to the left).

I've looked through these forums and the welcome note on the app, but I can't find the instructions. (If it's because I haven't paid a registration fee yet, then that's totally acceptable.)

Thank you!


  • Oh, thank you very much!

  • Great work, thanks @wolff :kissing_heart:

    This indicates to me that the process could be clumsy; @anthonycas can you tell me how you approached the problem and what you expected the app to do?

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  • Hi @ctietze! Thanks for asking for feedback...

    When I first tried to save my search, I actually did go into Saved Searches | Edit Saved Searches menu option. I did not notice the little + button on the bottom left though.

    I think ideally, I would have found a menu option directly under Saved Searches to create just one saved search (without going into the full Edit Saved Searches dialog box). Maybe a single keystroke to immediately save whatever is in the Omnibar as a search.

    These are just quick thoughts, I'm sure some testing will provide much better additional insight into what would be good design.


  • Ok, thanks! These are great candidates for experimentation already:

    • create Saved Search from the current search context; and
    • make the "+" button more prominent :)

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  • My suggestion,

    Highlight a piece of text with the mouse, like the tag of a given Zettel for example, and with the right button, create the Search ... because normally we will create the search after we create the Zettel, just an idea :)

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