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Help with Printing/Exporting Zettels from the Archive

**TLDR: I want to create a macro to print a stack of Zettels from the Archive onto A6/4x6 cards. **

I've hunted around the forum here a few times, but wondering anyone can start pointing me toward the right direction.

The User Experience

I love The Archive and Zettelkasten method. But sometimes I just want to print off a pile of my cards when I'm going to do a writing project. There's just no equivalent to the tactile experience of having 10-20 cards on a desk, shuffling them around, pinning them to a board, etc.

Of course, this is possible in an analog Zettelkasten. But I like having my digital Zettelkasten 90% of the time. I just want to occasionally recreate the paper version from time to time. Or even to have a completely paper backup. I'm not a Luddite! But paper is nice.

The Idea

I'm looking for an easy way to bring these two together. I'd like to be able to simply convert a Zettel from the archive into an A6 (4X6 index card PDF) with a basic format: Title in the upper left, Zettel ID in the upper right, body and references in the center, and tags either at the bottom or under the title.

Even better if after running a search in The Archive, I could highlight 10 or 12 Zettels, and run a macro on Keyboard Maestro to compile that stack in a single PDF that I can then print. It seems like this could be easily doable through Pandoc or LaTeX, but the learning curve for formatting an A6 card is very steep. And I don't know how to extract the Zettel anatomy: Title, ID, Tags. And after repeated attempts, I have not successfully been able to make a keyboard maestro that can automatically run Pandoc.

Can Anyone Help Me?

This probably just exposes that I'm really way in over my head with automation and coding, and that I'm really not at all a programmer. But I'm hoping that someone here would find this laughably simple. It seems very straightforward in theory.

Has anyone else attempted anything like this? Is there anyone here who might be able to help me track this down? I'd gladly share the finished product here in case there's anyone else here (like me) who want to, from time to time, take a portion of their Archive completely offline.


  • @rydash88 I think I could use this same capability as well. I don't know how to do it, though...so I'll wait (patiently) hoping someone else does :smile:

  • @rydash88 you’re not alone; I’ve been looking for a way to print zettels as well. A specific format for printing, and ability to print 4-up per page would be fantastic.

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