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I felt inspired to produce encouraging lyrics this morning for you. So here you are :) To all the great beta testers and the many years of happy writing that are yet to come!

Thank you, dear user, you truly are great
We're Sascha & Christian and like to berate
Your usage of notes in work and in life
'Cause this app behaves like a Swiss army knife.
It's all-round flexible, yet looks simple and clean
So learn some conventions to keep your stuff in
Order, not Chaos, 'cause that's of high import
To your very success, as a writer of sort.
We value longevity of things you produce
So plain text persistency is what we choose.
Ditch all convenience of rich-text file breed
And harden your skill in producing a seed
Of creative thought, with the simplest of tools
You will learn in no time and then beat all those fools
Who don't keep their stuff in an organized place.
Now go out and do Good with this weapon of thought
Let Order emerge from the wits that you brought!
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