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Quick entries and a menu bar icon maybe

edited January 6 in The Archive

This was close to be my first posting here. Now it became the second, but anyway: Hi to all!

I'm using The Archive mainly as a fast note taking app. Because of that I really do like the Quick entry "Zettel".

For a few betas these "Zettel" are not remembering their size and position after restarting The Archive. Could you fix that, please?

And another thing: I'd like to have an option to start The Archive automatically on startup and as a menu bar app only.

This has probably no priority on your feature list (if it's on it at all) because The Archive is aimed to be much more than what I use it for. But I'd like to point out that there aren't much note-taking (or jotting, if you prefer) apps that combine these features: One click or a keyboard shortcut and then you can write.—Data not hidden in some database but single files in Finder for access from other apps.—Keyboard shortcuts for italics, bold, &c. available. On iOS/iPadOS it is 1Writer, but on the Mac?


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