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"Hello!" From a visual artist, StrengthsCoach, and educator.

Hello, fellow Input friends!

Are any of you visual artists that use ZettelKasten? I'm brand new to the method and excited to learn a system that helps me process and store ideas from the books I read and the notes I take.
Most of the writing I do is for content creation and marketing. I have a lot of questions, which I will post in the appropriate parts of the forum.
Happy to be part of this community!



  • @WoodruffCoates, welcome to the forums. There are other artists here so you should find excellent company here. Connecting ideas from books and notes can be generalized from any field, and practices can be learned from almost any source and applied in your niche.

    Will Simpson
    I'm a zettelnant.
    Research areas: Attention Horizon, Productive Procrastination, Dzogchen, Non-fiction Creative Writing

  • Welcome! Cant wait to see your questions. 👍

  • @WoodruffCoates Yes - welcome to the forum. Great company and insightful advice ahead.

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