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[BUG] Renamed note gets ".1" append to the file name when changing uppercase/lowercase

While it's really easy to reproduce for me, it seems to apply only to case modification :

  • cmd R
  • modify the case of a any number of letters in the name1
  • hit Enter
  • and boom ! It gets .1 append.

Do it again and it gets another .1 like this .1.1 and so on.

Might be important to note : my archive folder is in Dropbox.
Can anyone who doesn't have his notes stored in Dropbox try to reproduce this ?

  1. which doesn't actually modify the file name since macOS runs on a non-case sensitive file system. ↩︎


  • So, as this...

    1. is fairly old,
    2. still true,
    3. and didn't seem to get any attention at all

    I thought I'd try to give it an up-swing by mentioning @ctietze.

    And to correct myself, it actually does modify the file name (from the upper/lower case POV).

    And to further document the issue, the behavior is exactly the same with an archive folder outside of Dropbox.


  • I moved this to the public app forum to keep track of this.

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  • Thanks for taking the time to do so.
    All I can say is this bug is still true.
    From what I can see in the Finder, no duplicates are created in the process.

  • It's solvable, just not that high on the list at the moment. The root cause of this is that during the rename process, the new name already appears to be taken, so The Archive makes sure you (1) don't overwrite anything and (2) don't have to confirm a name conflict via dialogs. Since source and target, or original and new name are for the same file, I can add an exception to the rule.

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  • @ctietze said:
    I can add an exception to the rule.

    This seems a sensible choice to me.

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