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Organizational Terminology

In my opinion, our end goal is to create meaningful content. We take data and add meaning to it in such a way that it becomes understandable, turning it into information. We than take that information and create further meaning by memorizing it, turning it into knowledge.

To me the zettelkasten is all about structing information in such a way that you can create more meaning out of it. For example, the first way that structure adds meaning is through having all your notes in the same location, as this allows them to connect and talk to each other.

With this idea in mind, we can start to create more value through deliberately understanding the language around structure. I've been keeping a list in my zetttelkasten of terminology we use to talk about organization titled "Language of Organization". My list is limited to what I can think of, so I'd like to add what terms/words of organization other people use.

What terms of organization/structure do you find yourself using a lot?


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    When i started i was forming structures for my thinking process, but without any goals. Doing so is not very helpful.

    I am now using unordered structures to formulate problems or goals. My thinking processes are branching off from there, instead.
    I also use ordered structures for external sources i have read. When i reuse content from such structures i expect to run into some problems, as i would like to somehow have a more evident connection to my work compared to the one to its origin.

    An example of a connection that i am concerned with right now: i have a note on a word i didn't know the meaning of. It is connected to its origin - a book i read. On one hand, this note is completely irrelevant for understanding the book, on the other it is a valuable example on how to use this vocabulary. In the future i hope this word to be closer connected to opportunities for my own usage.

    My structures are still a lot trial and error. More often than not i define conventions "on demand".

    @Nick may i ask, what kind of structures do you use or stopped using?

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