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my name is Michael and I'm a Software Developer living near Aschaffenburg in Germany.

I work with Zettelkasten for a few weeks to manage my notes about programming, baking, yoga, books, films, ...

Before Zettelkasten I used a lot of other programs to manage my notes (Evernote, Bear, Quiver, ...), but after a while I was never really satisfied with them. So I've to move my notes from the other systems into the new system (and clean them up immediately).

I am excited about the speed at which my notes are filtered through the tags.

On the iPad use the program 1Writer, which synchronizes quite fast via dropbox and can handle the Zettelkasten tags and references from one note to another.

Nice that there is a forum for the program where I could ask questions and exchange ideas. :-)


  • Welcome and greetings from Bielefeld! :)

    Author at Zettelkasten.de • https://christiantietze.de/

  • @Mike42 Yes, welcome to the forum - lots of good ideas and advice to be found here!

  • @Mike42 said:
    my name is Michael and I'm a Software Developer living near Aschaffenburg in Germany.

    I'm pensioner and living near Aschaffenburg in Germany and found this forum some days before.
    I use macOS.
    Currently I use DEVONthink for archive.
    I would like the Apps Notizen and Pages on desktop and iPad.
    I would like the App Zettelkasten from Daniel Lüdecke on desktop.
    I search a App for literature management.
    But I'm not sure if I need all this and I'm not staying with DEVONthink?


  • @spassig Welcome to the forum, as well! I learned about Zettelkasten about 6 months ago and have been slowly building one since then, using The Archive. I started off with all sorts of questions (understandable), but after a while discovered that if I just took baby steps with The Archive, writing one or two zettels a day, that was the best way to learn. I read Sonke Ahrens book, to get some idea of how to take and then process what he calls "fleeting notes" and then every day I browse this forum, seeing what I can pick up of relevance to where I am at the moment. I don't worry too much if I don't understand something someone else has said. Sometimes I ask questions; other times I just read and absorb what I can. It seems that "doing" is the best way of learning and also the best way of preparing yourself to learn. And I've heard many others give the advice about not getting too worried about details; just get started and your ZK adventure will unfold for you :wink:

    I do take a few side trips, such as trying out Zettlr, Obsidian and even Roam. But they are just side trips and I don't let them distract me from the daily task of building a ZK.

    All the best...GeoEng51.

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