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Is anyone NaNoWriMo-ing 2020?

Looking at the calendar, I noticed November is upon us.

For some writer folks around the web, this means it's time for the annual NaNoWriMo fiction writing marathon.

I wonder if any of y'all are "participating", and if you do so with a Zettelkasten-y twist :)

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    I've heard of it for the first time this year - started writing down book ideas and short scenes this year. You just reminded me how fun this was and that i should enjoy it when i find a few minutes (instead of checking looking a YT-Video for the 3rd time ;D). Thanks for that. I don't know if i'll match the ambitions presented within the community of NaNoWriMo, but i will take it as a chance for "accountability" trough sharing a goal.

    Regarding Zettelkasten (Disclaimer: No experience in this area of usage):

    Although i think there are great tools especially made for novel-writing, i think one could use it to develop aspects of the story which you do not intent before (classic linking). And maybe on the other hand make sure you do not repeat too much and keep the story of a charakter consistent (heavy tagging e.g. with a characters main motive which is shown trough the scene you currently write a zettel for).

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