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[REQUEST] Omni Bar History Navigation Enhancement: Restore search term

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I use the Omni Bar's ability to search my zettelkasten when I look for established zettel to link to the current zettel I'm processing. I'll use examples from my current project, but this would apply to any project.

I'm not very sophisticated with my search terms and may start with the search confusion wisdom Dzogchen. I get 30 zettel in the note list. I start surfing the zettel and see some hits and see in one of the zettel a reference to a Zen thread. Now I want to edit my search to confusion wisdom Dzogchen OR Zen. I navigate backward in the Omni Bar's history only to find it only remembers zettel titles and not the searches. This wouldn't be so bad except with my ever-decreasing attention span and memory deficit, and I quickly forget what search criteria I am looking at in the note list. This becomes painful to remember and retype as searches become more specific and targeted.

I might find one or two zettel to link with, which may take a couple of minutes and several cognitive cycles. When resetting to look for more zettel as candidates for linking, I would like to depend on the technology to help remember what I've already searched for and make it easier to search deeper.

I'm at a loss as to how I might press Keyboard Maestro into service here. Some thinking and test are in my future.

Maybe something like a browsers ⌘Y search history shown in a separate tab. Or like Finder's click and hold the history navigation button to show a list of zettel. Unfortunately, this doesn't show searches either, so not quite so helpful.

@ctietze Might Omni Bar and search history be exposed for scripting when scripting becomes available?

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  • I have also found this a problem, any selected note replaces the search in the omnibar (which seems ok), the search resultes are still shown, but I cannot get back to the actual search terms.

  • It seems that in the past, people suggested this only via email, so it's good to have an address for this on the forums as well. There'll be changes to this in the future :)

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