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[KM Macro] Sharing a zettel-network and the associated media files

I recently faced the challenge of sharing a zettel, the ones it is interlinked with and the associated media files of all of them with someone else. Below is the workflow I've now come up with for similar cases – it heavily relies upon two Keyboard Maestro macros:

  1. I select the "parent" zettel in the note list of The Archive and trigger the following macro which creates a temporary outline note of the selected note and its "children":
  2. I go through this outline note and delete all the lines with the zettels I don't want to share after all.
  3. I trigger the second KM macro, which identifies all the zettels on the changed outline note and then creates a Dropbox folder with copies of them and a media subfolder with the associated media files. It ends with revealing this folder in the Finder:

Obviously pathnames can require adjusting if someone else uses these macros. The first one also needs gnu-sed to be installed (see "Dependencies"-comment in it). The macros can be downloaded here

Let me know if you find it useful. How do you share parts of your Zettelkasten?

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