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[Request] some way of getting note file path

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My ZK system is heavily tooled (think Alfred/Keyboard Maestro), but a bit more (such as automatically updating a file incoming links using a macro).

I am fully in agreement with "don't automate thinking", and these automations only apply to the mundane/book-keeping parts.

To explain my request, I need to mention that I have 2 zettelkasten, not one: I just pulled out my bibliographic notes into a separate directory. What was getting complex in a single setup, for me, was that I did not have a robust method of telling apart three things: (A) An author's exact quote, (B) a sentence that borrowed a long sub-sentence from the author's phrasing, and (C) my own thoughts or commentary. In fact, (A) and (B) were even more complex if multiple authors or multiple papers from a single author were relevant for that note. Now I see more wisdom in Luhmann's similar separation: each bibliographic note is clearly about one source, and if I do add some light commentary, that can easily be set off in a special way.

My current flow for getting the note or zettelkasten to update with the macros is byzantine. I use marked 2 to stream, with a custom pre-processor (which understands my Bookends references and produces the note's bibliography). Each note for me starts with a title (line 1) and a self reference and the zk name on the second. This has enough information that gets written to a file which subsequent macros can look at.

If the word "brittle" passed through your mind, we are in total agreement :)

My ask: apart from the current menu entry "Edit > Copy Link To Note", I request a "Edit > Copy Link To Path", which will give me enough information, and which will hopefully will be trivial for you to write.


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  • Also, many programs provide a menu-based way of switching recent projects, and this will be valuable for me. The following is a screenshot from PyCharm to illustrate what I mean.

  • With scriptability, you will eventually be able to ask The Archive for the current Zettel's path to make interoperability easier. Takes a while, though :)

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