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[REQUEST] Search for file name only & regex

This discussion was created from comments split from: Does the UID need to be in the body of the note?.


  • @ctietze said:
    Most apps do full-text search in both file name and file contents.

    This brings up a feature request. If you follow the redundancy guidelines and include the title and UID in the file contents, it seems redundant to search both file names and file contents in the Omni Bar (full-text search). What I am looking for is a way to do a search for filenames only. Maybe a custom Boolean operand that limited searches to titles (file names). As my zettelkasten gets larger and larger I'm looking for ways to refine my search capabilities. @ctietze, I don't know how hard it would be, but have you considered adding regex capabilities to the Omni Bar?

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  • Hmm maybe the need to refine search is itself a sign that you could make use of more meta-notes about your existing notes, like structure Zettel, overviews, etc?

    File name search is on my list; regex is a tricky topic. It's super easy to get wrong, and it's painfully slow to execute on a huge note archive. We'll revisit that later in development.

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