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On questions to ask yourself while writing zettels

Hey folks. I'm interested to know if you have a set of handy questions to help yourself expand and connect information? I've found myself lately writing notes and linking them to about one or two others. This question is really about methods to generate more connections between notes.

I have a few questions here that I use to remind myself whenever I'm feeling too stuck:

  • Inquiries of Significance

    • How does this relate (-to me, -to some other subject/topic, etc.)?
    • Why is this the case?
    • How is this relevant to other contexts?
    • Is this okay?
    • Who would find this information useful (and why)?
  • Inquiries of Application

    • How (or for what) can this be applied?
    • How has it been applied?
    • How can this be avoided?
    • How has it been avoided?

Some of these questions can be considered repeats, in essence, but they still get my mind going.

Do you have any questions you think about often (or lately)? Please share.

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