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Creation Date Mismatches: Dropbox resets file creation time

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On my systems, both in Finder and in The Archive the file creation times do not match the UID's. A first this was a mystery but it has become clear that Dropbox is recreating files every time it syncs from a source different from the original. This is not the case for every file but only for those that are changed on a second MAC and synced back to Dropbox. This makes Sort by Creation Date not so useful.

Here is a screenshot that shows creation time of Jun 29, 2020, 07:31 for a note with the creation time of March 10, 2019, 13:04.

I could script a reset of the creation times based on the filenames but I'd have to run this about every day as I have a laptop in the office and a laptop in the shop which I use to update my notes. This isn't really a show-stopping problem just something to be aware of. Maybe there is another Dropbox-like application that handles this appropriately.

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