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Bug Report? Conflicting files

@ctietze - Not sure the right venue and format for this report.
I'm on 1.5.5 on both computers and this is not new but more prevalent now. It happens only if I have a note active in the editor window on two machines. Something I apparently do often.

Is this a bug or a feature?

I am at my office computer working on a file 202007202002 Ecodharma - Ends And Means and it becomes time to take the puppy for a walk. Instead of returning to my office on returning I stop at the shop and continue editing 202007202002 Ecodharma - Ends And Means on my shop computer. So now 202007202002 Ecodharma - Ends And Means is open on two computers on my local network. It seems each is autosaving and Dropbox is reporting conflicts.

I end up, after only 10 minutes, within the note list and Finder:

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  • I've gotten this with TA and Dropbox as well, but usually it's only one file and one conflict. Makes sense it might have to do with both files being open at the same time on two machines. I hadn't thought of that.

    I would imagine it's almost a feature rather than a bug, since TA automatically saves, but it makes sense it would freak Dropbox out. I suppose one solution is to either close TA when we switch machines or make sure no files are open?

  • Each local instance of The Archive is supposed to let go of the file after you idle for a short while of 1--5 seconds max. Then subsequent updates of the file outside of the app will update the text you see in the app.

    I suspect this part kind of works as intended, but then the "reading" machine at home still tries to update the file for some reason. It's probably just metadata, but that could suffice to create sync conflicts. I'll investigate.

    @Will Could you reproduce this conflict production on a test note with 1+ conflict file, and then send me the files + the logs of The Archive for the day? The logs should indicate read and write operations including timestamps.

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