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  • Very cool find! Instant Zettel material:

    # 202102261003 Your first notes will suck in 20 years time
    #zettelkasten #quality
    It may be inevitable that your first notes will not hold up to 
    scrutiny 10 or 20 years from now.
    Cyberneticist Ross Ashby (1903--1972) left behind 25 volumes of journals that 
    include his studies. In volume 9, he commented on the poor quality of the 
    first volumes:
      My early notes, especially Volumes 2 and 3, are appalling even for their 

    Author at Zettelkasten.de • https://christiantietze.de/

  • @ctietze , now you have me curious what else is in your #quality tag... But yes, I made a note like this too. I'm of the opinion that cybernetics is a great topic for anyone using the Zettelkasten method, as a way to understand how knowledge ecosystems can form and flourish.

  • I have a #quality tag actually, most of what is there comes from Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance by Rober Pirsig

  • I think Andy Matuschak adds support to the idea of such a zettel when he said, "just like writing itself, it's hard to write notes that are worth developing over time."

  • Coming to this thread very late from a mention somewhere else, but as a public service I note that if anyone else is looking for the Ross Ashby archives, they have moved urls, and can now be found at ashby.info.

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