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How do I find anything?

All the writing about ZK is fascinating but it seems to focus on capturing ideas but doesn't seem to talk about retrieving those ideas later.

So say I have 400 cards and I've got a thread about Zebras starting on card 287. I get an email from the editor of Zebra Monthly and she wants 600 words on stripe variations, something I am apparently really into.

How do I turn from my laptop to my slip box and easily find my notecards on Zebras?


  • Simple.
    It depends on where those 'cards' are.
    1. If on 3X5 or 4X6 cards you simply pull them out of the slip box and arrange them on the table and start an outline of the 600-word essay from there.
    2. If in a digital 'slip box' you simply do a keyword search for zebra "stripe variations" and then start an outline of the 600-word essay from the results.

    I use option 2 and it works great for me. Your result may vary.

    Will Simpson
    “Read Poetry, Listen to Good Music, and Get Exercise”

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