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  • OK, here's what I I've done so far: * Booted into my secondary Mac (Mac Mini running macOs 10.12..) and launched TA (version 1.3.0) and had no issues using the App as I have done in the past * Upgraded to v1.3.4 and experienced the same crashe…
  • @ctietze, I have not yet had time to do the various test scenarios, but I will do so by tomorrow (Saturday), if not sooner, and provide feedback.
  • @Basil, I installed 1.3.4 and it still crashes... I am running 10.13.6 on this machine but will test on my other one and also try your workaround. thanks.
  • @ctietze, my apology for not responding or following up since my initial post. I am glad to know that Hook functionality will be included in the upcoming scriptability milestone. Can you share with us when that will be? Thanks.
  • @ctietze, I was perusing the Hook support site and came across info here and hereon how to create the proper script and the requirements. It does not appear to be a difficult task but since I do not know the App ID or url scheme; I cannot experim…
  • @ctietze, I just intalled CE v1.2.0 and am able to use Grammarian as my default spellchecker! Thanks for such a quick fix, this is very useful to anyone using or considering using a 3rd-party spellchecker.
  • @Will, I also looked at Grammarly but decided against it mainly due to the annual subscription fee. Another issue with Grammarly is that it is not a native Mac App and requires an internet connection to use. While I am not certain, I also think tha…
  • @ctietze, here is the response from the Grammarian team regarding Apps that are not compatible with it as of 7/21/17 (I know nothing about software development, but it appears to not be very complex to solve this issue): Question: An app is not m…
  • Thanks for adding it to what I am sure is a very LONG list @ctietze! The built-in spell checker in TA is pretty good, but dedicated spell checkers such as Grammarian and Grammarly add much more functionality that would not be worth your time to incl…

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