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  • Cool, of course we're interested! Shoot me an email when you know what you want to write -- or open a new discussion here if you want feedback on the topic, first!
  • @sfast we truly have the best readers and beta testers here -- who else gets to know about unsupported use cases by a user and then is told not to implement it to keep the app pure?
  • Is this a regular use-case of yous, creating notes from email? Even when I compose email, I have to re-write the text to fit my archive; with incoming mail, it's even worse because a huge blockquote hardly helps in the long run. Verbatim email impo…
  • Cool, thanks for the link, I'll try to get a used copy somewhere! This does resonate with me, although in a different way, I guess. Your story focuses on what seems to be entitlement to be special (with your introductory framing at least). I am mos…
  • ... and in case you haven't noticed, we're migrating our comments from Disqus to the forum, too.
  • Ha! All of this sounds great Thanks to the Zettelkasten method itself, I don't see a problem with having many project ideas anymore. You can work on anything and everything, and the Zettelkasten helps you grow a project. Some writing projects will…
  • I didn't, but @sfast did a couple months ago and kept me updated about the topic. I guess you're asking because Cal suggests you become an expert in 1 thing instead of spreading yourself thin over many things, and because my craftsman thing is a un…
  • Hi Tobias, and welcome to our new hang out space! Contributions to the blog are very welcome: Sascha and I cannot test every app on our own. Zkn³ is interesting because it aims to offer a nice workflow, but neither Sascha and I have invested enoug…
  • Hi Steen, and welcome! The newsletter cross-over between ritual magic and machine intelligence sounds intriguing. Mind sharing your website or newsletter info publicly?
  • Welcome, @wolff! "Knowledge hoarder", yeah, that rings a bell Although I hoard the mememtos to trigger the recall. But I think once you go fall the rabbit hole of wanting to learn stuff, having this condition is to be expected.

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