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  • I do a similar thing to your PDF automation, Dan, specifically to include images of my sketches inline in my text files. I keep a paper logbook, one of those unlined pocket-sized Moleskine cahiers things that's with me all the time. Throughout t…
  • I had done something like this. I was so impressed with Drafts and how it fit my mind's process that I wanted a similar thing for my MacBook. I used Keyboard Maestro, as you suggest. My workflow was that I'd * Hit one of a collection of k…
  • Very awesome! Thank you for this beautiful tool. Let me know if I can help with any testing.
  • One of the things I like about Markdown is that it's human-readable. Someone with no knowledge of HTML or any other documentation markup could see a MD document and pretty well understand what the extra characters mean. For the same reason, I in…
    in Zettel ID Comment by rrieke April 2018
  • Another branch of this idea is the Feynman Technique. It does rely on note-taking during the initial study, but the emphasis on arranging the new knowledge so that you can explain it to others seems to work well, for me at least. I see that in y…

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