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[SOLVED] [BUG] Clicking on message:// links is not always handled correctly

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When I put a Mail.app email link (such as message://%3C2A245AFF-699C-48D8-9BC0-6579A05BDBB0@acme.com%3e) into a note in The Archive, that link is properly rendered as a link, but when I click it, it is not handled correctly: Instead of the linked email being opened in Mail.app, a new message window is created with "3C86B7C998-9F8C-4661-BA2A-8EAE7F3B53FF@acme.com" as the sender.

If I format the link as an actual markdown link (i.e., like this: [](message://%3C2A245AFF-699C-48D8-9BC0-6579A05BDBB0@acme.com%3e), then clicking on it is handled properly.

It's a relatively minor issue, but I figured it couldn't hurt to bring it up. :smile:


Turns out, I was a bit too hasty and too theory guided in my bug hunting. It's does not matter whether you format the link as a markdown link or not; Instead, it matters where you click on the link: If you click on the message:// part, it is handled correctly, but if you click on the %3C2A2... part, then the bug described above is triggered.

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  • Whoa, will have a look at why the place you click matters! Thanks for reporting this

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    FYI, I just found out that this happens when I paste email message links into rich text fields (notes in OmniFocus), too, sometimes. macOS default link recognition interprets 3C2A245AFF-699C-48D8-9BC0-6579A05BDBB0@acme.com as link of the form user@host in that case, which is still different from what you were seeing.

    With encoded special characters, < is %3C, and > is %3e. Decoding them and removing the // yields the minimal working link on macOS:


    This suffers from the same problems. Some variants are even recognized as email addresses when you click on them.

    Will investigate further!

    Edit: Came up with a fix, will ship with v1.0.6

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  • Confirmed fixed with v1.0.6. :smile:

    Also thanks for the background information. I've never had it happen with OmniFocus, but I also almost exclusively open the links via AppleScript there, and not via clicking on them.

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