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  • No, that's too far in the future to make an estimate. Just watch the updates
  • I guess one could make the PAT_LINK into an optional argument when running the program: ... -i --identifier Pattern used to find links to other notes. Default: [[(\d+)]] This would open up support for Wikipedia-style links where the title is …
  • Cannot stress this enough, I think @gescho is spot on with the emphasis of splitting notes for personal association networks and publishing, and all the good stuff that stems from it!
    in Syntopicon Comment by ctietze June 21
  • It should be where this is pointing to: pip list -v | grep zkviz I'd like to suggest downloading a ZIP from GitHub (Or git clone if that's your schtick), then calling pip install -e . in the resulting dir to use a local "development" copy th…
  • I proposed a fix in a pull request: https://github.com/Zettelkasten-Method/zkviz/pull/3 For those of you at home wanting to follow along, just change line 19 according to my diff to this: PAT_ZK_ID = re.compile(r'^(?P\d+)\s(.*)\.(?!=\.).*$') …
  • Yes, it's part of the upcoming scriptability milestone!
  • @sjhogerzeil Sure! I'm experimenting with Markdown parser improvements on the side and ship them with 1.x updates, but the issue you describe could persist until I give the parser my full attention. I work on the features on the roadmap in their res…
  • I never heard of this before, but I'm intrigued In hindsight, it's no surprise that of all humans beings it had to be Adler to write a book called "Syntopicon".
    in Syntopicon Comment by ctietze June 17
  • You're not missing anything: We deliberately don't show file metadata because it's not very reliable in all cases and focus on file name and file content instead. Of course now I wonder: Why do you ask? / What do you want it for?
  • Sounds sensible to me. Your example of Human Behavior [[201812061423]] is driven by Mental Models [[201812061423]], which are expressed in Sense Memories [[201812061423]] ... likely won't make sense if "Human Behavior" is not enclosed …
  • Welcome! It'd be super interesting to have you share your experience about the "hard" sciences and the Zettelkasten Method with us some day! There must be a way to make it work
  • This is tied to the Markdown highlighter, and I'll get to tidying up lists eventually
  • Depends on what you got If you, like the Professors at Bielefeld University, have Work docs full of lists, then grab yourself a doc-to-Markdown converter and plain-text-ify your stuff. Throw it into your archive. Maybe add a tag like #_imported …
  • Initially, I used incrementing counters for parts of the ID, too. Because the tooling was so bad, I had to manually create the ID. Got on my nerves rather quickly, so I resorted to an always-unique timestamp.
  • Can you send me the more recent crash reports? Should be stored in Console.app > User Reports (you can email from there directly)
  • This is especially awkward since I rely on the macOS link detection stuff I'll investigate! Thanks for the great work uncovering this!
  • Can you test clicking on different parts of the link? I wonder if the domain after the @ is treated as a web link overwriting the existing email link at that location. I cannot reproduce the link opening in Safari at all at the moment. Could you sha…
  • The short answer: No, you don't need to. The long answer: File extensions are used by macOS to determine which default app to open the file with when you run the open command in the Terminal or double-click the file in Finder. So if you have e.g.…
  • Good you split this off, deleted the duplicate from https://forum.zettelkasten.de/discussion/95/techniques-pdf-annotation to avoid confusion * MMD is a superset of Markdown, so yes Note headers are now not MMD metadata blocks anymore but simpl…
  • +1 here https://forum.zettelkasten.de/discussion/584/feature-request-copy-only-uid
  • Will be working on it https://forum.zettelkasten.de/discussion/232/request-copy-link-containing-zettel-id-only?new=1 Closing this so we can stick to the older discussion.
  • @macosxguru @Vinho If you don't want to buy a comfortable app, there's always the built-in core tool called "Folder Actions Setup". (Look for the phrase in Spotlight. It's located in /System/Library/CoreServices/Applications.) Edit: turns out you…
    in nvUltra Comment by ctietze May 15
  • Regarding Kleist: There's a summary for reference on German and French Wikipedia: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Über_die_allmähliche_Verfertigung_der_Gedanken_beim_Reden @Will: Originally, I went overboard on this. I tried to treat notes as immut…
  • To clarify, it does resort at the moment (in my tests) when no search is active. It is indeed not re-sorting as long as a filtered view of the archive is shown. Working on that now.
  • I never used this in Emacs because Ctrl-Space is bound to launch Quicksilver and I'm not inclined to give up that shortcut anytime soon I experimented with the underlying set-mark-command. It seems this essentially replicates holding down the shift…
  • We don't plan to support any other highlighting syntax, because Markdown is great for general-purpose note-taking already. It does have some cool features for writing, like optional block titles (for code blocks, blockquotes, tables, ...). But I'…
  • Not yet implemented, but it's on my task list! Mouseless control ftw
  • The browser-like navigation still results in weird user experience cases: e.g. navigating back to a note that got deleted in the meantime will show an error dialog because the note couldn't be found. That's not so great. I want to make this better b…
    in 1.2.4 beta? Comment by ctietze May 8
  • v1.2.5 with a fix is now available!
    in 1.2.4 beta? Comment by ctietze May 7

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