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  • Nice picture will! To be honest, at the moment my heros still are the people who keep toiling away at their notes during every single class and share them among everybody before tests as nicely made summaries
  • Thanks a lot Basil! That seems really handy, not only for the Archive but for other apps to. I'll look into it some more later
  • @517qf said: I'm also quite sceptical about forEVERNOTE. When I read this this makes me think of a client or something that is related to evernote. You're right the association isn't the best either if you're somewhat into privacy etc.
  • Woops accidentally quoted myself while I wanted to edit, the message above is the correct one.
  • @rene said: @517qf @Santema @argonsnorts @galen thx for your contributions! I am super busy the next couple of days and will try to reply to your posts properly soon. Just wanted to let you know. btw I recently contemplated about "foreverNote" …
  • @rene said: But .... there is no help menu?!?!?? What do you mean? There is no help, so nothing can be searched in the help. I am not a good Mac user. I just noticed other apps let you search menu items via the help menu. Oops. To be honest...…
  • Just noticed something which is missing from the menubar on macOS, the search function in the help menu. Obviously the excellent command palette exists but if it's easy to add the search function in the help menu would still be a nice addition in my…
  • TLDR at the bottom. @rene said: Didn't know that either. While it's probably a very clever feature, it also just begs for troubles, especially when you don't know about it . I think the risk of problems with this system is quite mi…
  • @galen sorry if I came across fiercely, didn't mean to. I am thankful for your elaborate explanations about the macOS guidelines. Your rationale that mac users would expect the keybindings they are used to to work also makes sense to me. Having said…
  • Hey Rene, Thanks for the awesome program. I like the ideas and you seem like a very skilled developer judging by the speed of development and the functions added However since I've used Mac OS all my live everything which is out of the ordinary …

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