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  • Is Notion an alternative to The Archive i.e. you would run either or, not both? If it is an alternative, is note retrieval just as fast and new note creation done the same way i.e. by entering text in the search bar to perform both tasks?
    in Moving on Comment by johnnypoll June 28
  • I have 936 notes, 2017 Macbook Pro 3.1GHz core i7, startup is about 1 second for me, but then I might leave it running for days for fast access. Perhaps your notes are much longer than mine.
  • Sorry for resurrecting old threads; I love the way Will changed his position here, a rare skill that humans find hard to do! I have moved from nvAlt to The Archive and iA Writer (on Android) with DropBox today, binning Simple Note, and it was so eas…
  • I am in the process of switching nvAlt to The Archive on my Mac. I use SimpleNote to edit on Android and to sync from Mac to Android and back. Now looking at DropBox for syncing notes, but is there a good option on the Android side to work from a Dr…
  • That's good thanks. Though an additional option to prioritise matches in the title (file name) over the body would be a bonus.

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