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  • I don't know anything about the reMarkable Tablet or annotations to typed text but as to making the screen more paperlike and a more affordable non-pro version of the ipad that is apple pencil compatible there are options for that: The latests non …
  • Thanks for that. I am new to the zettelkasten method but I like to draw and have some experience in the fine arts so I find a more visual approach to the zettelkasten appealing. Visuals are perceived faster a lot faster than text I know from perso…
  • @sfast Great to hear about the video course and also thanks for letting me know I am on the right track. I will keep tinkering away. I find it interesting how for someone new to this (I only came across the Zettelkasten concept about a week ago, I …
  • Hi argonsnorts Thanks for your reply. I will definitely check out those slides! I was not aware of the Luhmann writing you spoke of so I did a search. Are these the Luhmann writings that you are referring to- https://zettelkasten.de/posts/luhmann…

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