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  • I'm using Keyboard Maestro to do this. I have a universal keyboard shortcut for creating a new note in The Archive; one step is creating a Zettelkasten ID (yyyyMMddhhmm) within KM instead of using command-U. I use that same string in creating the…
  • I'm pretty sure I don't use any specific actions for 1Writer, since I primarily use it for viewing and searching my notes. It's easily the best app I've found for that, in part because it handles Dropbox photos and renders Multimarkdown very nicely …
    in iOS only? Comment by tf2 July 2018
  • I do use my Mac (a lot), but I also create and use notes on my iPhone quite a bit. I use Drafts, and I have custom actions that use the first line of a note as a title (and add a date time stamp), and the second line as tags (I separate the tag valu…
    in iOS only? Comment by tf2 July 2018
  • Thanks! I cobbled together a python script that did more or less the same thing -- maybe not quite as elegantly. In case it's useful for others, here's what I did: import os import time import datetime tag_dict = { '!bk' : '#backup', '!c…

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