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Today, let's welcome another round of beta testers for The Archive


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  • With "working", do you mean you cannot click on reference-style link anchor texts? (The "text" in the 2nd example)
  • @micahredding I know Ulysses a bit, but I don't know which part of it you have in mind that's going into this direction.
  • We have had a couple of beta testers writing in non-latin characters, and after the first couple of months of search discrepancies, I'm positive it does work with Chinese. But I cannot really tell about day-to-day usage limitations. If you need anyt…
  • Great find! Thanks for sharing! We still feature open-source stuff here, so if anyone would write a review proper, and especially test its performance with huge archives, I'd happily add the app to the "Tools" page.
    in Mindforger Comment by ctietze October 8
  • Maybe one of my problems is that I don't read for writing anything or with any specific project in mind. So I find lots of different bits in the text interesting and produce many notes. That's my primary mode of inquiry when I read, too, since …
  • This sounds as if you want to force The Archive to show synced file changes. Does The Archive and your iOS app both point at the same directory? If so, The Archive should pick up changes made through Dropbox sync already.
  • Hey Sub, sorry for the confusion! Currently, The Archive doesn't have an "Open File" function -- that's the reason Dragging a file onto the app icon is going to result in an import, soon; but opening files like you do with a document editor does n…
  • That sounds like a great use case for a script! I'm really looking forward to add an internal script engine so you can get maintenance info like this with a simple keystroke.
  • Maybe now that iA Writer supports hashtags, it's a suitable companion, too! https://ia.net/writer/blog/write-to-organize Haven't tested it with 10k notes, though. Edit 2018-09-24: It seems the app isn't made to manage a folder in your Dropbox. …
  • Here's the book "How to make a complete map of every thought you think", by the way: http://users.speakeasy.net/~lion/nb/
  • I was considering to change the "Open" functionality to an import, i.e. open the note as a copy in the managed folder. That could be a surprise, though, and maybe we'd be better off with a dedicated "Import" instead. We'll have to experiment on that…
  • This is an interesting suggestion to make getting back to the note you want to expand easier! Our planned implementation is to have simple back/forward navigation like in a web browser, so that you get around quickly.
  • Moving beyond constraints of the physical world is indeed a good mindset. Here's a fixed link while the OP's one isn't working: https://gilest.org/lion-kimbro.html Highlights for me: While I was in the thick of it, I tended to avoid movies, sin…
  • I was considering to change the "Open" functionality to an import, i.e. open the note as a copy in the managed folder. That could be a surprise, though, and maybe we'd be better off with a dedicated "Import" instead. We'll have to experiment on that…
  • Welcome, @mbaz, and thanks! With this great a community, it's really a team effort, though, and Sascha is doing all the research nowadays. Hope you'll feel right at home!
  • You can access syntax highlighting functionality in The Archive from the "Format" menu: This will surround selected text with your format glyphs, e.g. 2 asterisks for bold, and 1 asterisk for italic, or place your cursor between such a pair if no…
  • Have not switched, but Ledger CLI is cool (and there's an emacs mode ) https://www.ledger-cli.org/
  • Good to see there's development on the note-taking front in 2018. Can you explain what "higher fidelity" means in this context and for your kind of use?
  • You should be able to enable spell checking in the main menu from Edit > Spelling and Grammar. Does that not work, or not save the settings?
  • @Michael You could try a phrase search "#o " (note the space and the quotation marks!), but that won't match "#o" at the end of a line. You could replace all your #o's at line ends with sed 's/#o\\n/#o \\n/g' or similar, though.
  • Look no further, here it is: http://drafts4-actions.agiletortoise.com/a/2Ph
  • @Caio Only if you log into your Mac via VPN Seriously, I'm not planning to develop an iOS app anytime soon. Also, 1Writer is just too good on mobile devices.
  • Because with Drafts I have very comfortable automation tools. I use these as a capturing device. Take for example this text: First line of the draft All the rest of the note ... Executing a Draft "action" on this snipped will result in 20180827…
  • Not yet: that'll follow with a few other theme style changes I want to bundle up into 1 update (so that themes don't have to be updated as much)
  • In The Archive, I resorted to taking up the next minute's slot if necessary. But IDs will be configurable in a future update, so you can add even more digits
  • I have a blog post draft and script lying around that does this. The Archive will one day get script support, so you can run that script in your archive for closer analysis. Until then, you have to invoke it manually. I'm going to run a couple of t…
  • The bad news is that the SlipBox apps are most likely not going to maintained any longer. The developer stayed quiet around the web for years. The good news is that 1Writer is an excellent note-taking app for iOS that you could have a look at. As …
  • I love the way your epiphany turned into words. Very nicely quotable Welcome on board!
  • Thanks for submitting the request! Glad you like the app I took note of your suggestion. Good news: something along the lines is planned already, too, to ease managing tags! (I took the liberty to reformat your title to include "[REQUEST]" for ea…
  • To me, it looks like 1/3a would be the result of branching-off at 1/3 into "Fast Food". Here's an example of nesting: - 1 - 1/6 - 1/7 - 1/7a - 1/7a1 - 1/7a2 - 1/7b - 1/7c - 1/8 - 2 So I…

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