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  • @sfast said: I use the ZKM for fiction writing. All the background search is basically identical with non-fictional writing. The difference is: Sometimes, it is just not true. (Or -- in philosophical terms -- has an imaginary truth maker inste…
  • @Will said: This brings up a question, how might a note in one archive be linked to or referred to in a note in a different archive? Maybe this is sacrilegious to even ask. So many great things have come from sac-religion. I was actually …
  • @mediapathic said: I'm wondering if anyone has any thoughts on this topic. EDIT: I'd like to specifically tag @kohled in this, as they have mentioned being a filmmaker. How, sir/madam/other, do you use ZK in that medium, if I may ask? H…
  • @johnnypoll said: I am toying with the idea of using a media sub folder to link to non-text docs, such as screen grabs. But should I? I do this and it works great. Clicking a properly formatted link reveals the file in finder in The Archive.…
    in Moving on Comment by kohled January 31

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